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The Double glazing industry has a tarnished reputation for high prices, poor quality workmanship, pressure sales and long gruelling sales appointments.


Correct Choice Windows & Doors believe you should be able to purchase double glazing windows, a new conservatory or conservatory roof like a pair of trainers or a loaf of bread from the shop, easy with no pressure and no buyer’s remorse

So how can we avoid these horrendous practises associated with our industry

Simple really ….

Making first contact with your chosen company to arrange a quote,

look out for questions like “Will both homeowners be home” or “We need you both present for the appointment”

This is a simple sales tactic used to set the appointment up for ‘the big sell,’ that’s why they will want both homeowners there, to push the sale and get the deal in. Be vigilant of these tactics they use as its sure way to set you up for a long and painful sales appointment.

Are they offering – 50% offs, managers specials, buy one get one free. (Reg Holdsworth springs to mind)

These are simply there to draw you in, these sorts of offers do not exist. Do not fall victim to these pushy sales tactics.

The old “Your house of windows and doors costs £12,000 but if you buy today we can do it for £8000” This unfortunately has been happening for years, it’s there to get you thinking you have a great deal but you simply don’t, the price will go lower due to the sales persons desperation. Remember if they massively reduce your price to get the sale it means they were trying to pull your pants down right from the start.

Remember, this is a big purchase and it should be as simple as “Your house of windows and doors costs XYZ” as straight forward as that, no silly price drops, no mangers special, just the price is the price.


Do some research (it doesn’t take long, we promise)

Look at the companies reviews. Google will be the best place to find honest feedback on the companies work and products, simply type the company name in and see what they are about. The customers that have used the company will sing their praises if they have done a good job and equally if they are not happy, they will share all the details.

Have a look at their social media accounts, again,  read what people are saying about the company and their sales teams and even the fitters.

Bad reviews? Probably best avoiding them, before you’re writing one yourself.

Buy cheap, buy twice.

There is big difference between getting ripped off and also getting extremely poor-quality products and install, at a really cheap price. If it’s a lot lower than you expected and seems too good to be true its usually because they use cheap products and low skilled fitters to fit them.

Get a couple of quotes from different companies, look at the products and compare this with the other quotes.

Always trust your gut feeling

Go with your gut feeling. When you’re looking to spend a large sum of money on your home you need to feel confident with the salesperson, the products they supply and how their approach has been with you.

A bad feeling at the sales appointment will normally result in a bad overall experience.

We hope this helps?

If you would like to know more specific information about our products or services please feel free to give us a call on 0114 281 6802 or send us an email to [email protected]

Have a great day from Sheffield’s No1 double glazing company

Emma Brookes

Operations Manager

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Our main focus is to deliver the highest quality products and service to our customers, however our customers will agree we’re not your typical window company. We won’t do any form of pressure sales, nor will we do any form of prices drops, our first price is always our best, we supply you with all the information you need to have the confidence you’re making the Correct Choice in your own time.