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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install windows and doors?

This depends on the condition of the site, how many windows and doors are being fitting and how complicated it might be. Usually, a two-man team of fitters will complete three to four windows per day.

Does having windows and doors fitted create a lot of mess?

As with any form of construction work their will likely be some dust and debris from removing the old windows, however at Correct Choice Windows and Doors our experienced installation team will protect your property whilst doing the work and clean and tidy up at the end of each day and leave your home exactly as they found it.

Do I have to have trickle vents on my new windows?

In short, Yes! To conform with Building regulations standards from the 15th June 2022 Trickle vents must be fitted to all new installations to increase clean airflow throughout the home. If the building owner or those responsible for the works contravene the Building Regulations, the local authority may prosecute them in the magistrates’ court.

Will fitting new windows add value to my home?

Replacing your old windows with new A rated double glazed windows will certainly add value to your property. Not only do new windows look aesthetically pleasing to the eye they also increase the thermal efficiency in your home keeping you nice and toasty in winter and keep the heat out in the warmer months making double glazed windows an essential decision factor to many house hunters.

How important is window security?

A majority of burglaries in a home occur through a window. Older windows are usually beaded externally making the bead easy to remove to remove the glass and single glazed glass can be easily smashed.

At Correct Choice Windows and Doors all our windows are beaded internally and are Secured by design which is the official UK police initiative supporting effective crime prevention and security standards.

They feature a multi-point locking system, a key lockable handle and strong frames and hinges.

How often should windows be replaced?

The typical lifetime of newer double glazed windows is around 20 years + but this depends on various factors within your home and of course the quality of the products used and the initial installation. uPVC windows and doors are known for their strength and longevity. That’s why at Correct Choice Windows and Doors we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all our products as standard. We guarantee to repair or replace any faults with your windows and doors for a full 10 years after they have been installed.

Do you recycle the old windows and doors?

Yes! At Correct Choice windows and Doors were committed to helping the environment wherever possible and were proud to say all old UPVC window frames and glass are recycled.

How does double glazing work?

Double glazing uses two panes of glass with a gap in-between that contains a layer of argon gas to keep your home more energy efficient. The argon gas is a poor heat conductor and therefore keeps warm air from escaping, the second pane of glass acts as a barrier to noise.

How do I know if a double glazing company is any good?

Reviews, reviews, reviews! Just because a company has been trading a long time it doesn’t always mean they’re better than a newer business. Or that a bigger national company is better than a smaller more local company. The best way to determine a company’s reputation is to do some research on what their previous customers have to say about them. Most double glazing companies will use various different platforms such as checkatrade, Which trusted trader and My builder and its always worth checking the reviews on all platforms as well as Google and Social media. At Correct Choice Windows and Doors were proud to say we are the highest rated double glazing company in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

What are your lead times?

Lead times change depending on various factors including the availability of the products required, size of the job and how busy we are. To check our current lead times, give us a call on 0114 2816802.

Do I need planning permission to replace my windows?

No. You do not need planning permission to replace existing windows or doors, though you will need to check to see if you are located in a conservation area as you may be restricted with what designs or materials you are allowed to use this may also be the case if your property is a listed building. You should always use a certified company that is registered with either CERTASS or FENSA which are accreditation bodies within the Competent Persons Scheme, offering homeowners peace of mind and the reassurance needed that work on windows and doors on their properties is compliant with Building Regulations.

How much does double glazing cost?

Each quote is bespoke. In order to give you an accurate quotation please get in touch with us so we can tailor a price specifically to your individual needs. At Correct Choice Windows and Doors we believe in transparency and will give you all the information and advice you need to help you make the right decision. We don’t use any form of sales tactics we will simply discuss your requirements, take the necessary measurements for each product required and will give you a price. Our price is our price, no silly price drops or incentives and as always, there is no obligation. If you prefer we can even quote you remotely if you are able to provide us with measurements and photos.

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